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About Us

Welcome to Sky Data Labs, we are glad to have you visit our website. We are a young upcoming project management and web development organization with a mastery of both project management as well as web design and development. We also train and tutor individuals on these two subjects both online via tutorials and one on one as per agreed specifications.

Project Management

Having a background in Project Planning and Management, we provide guidance on various project issues mainly by making us of various project management tools and softwares. The various important softwares for Projects that we use are:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an important software and tool which is key in the development of project documentation.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an important software and tool which is key in the calculation of project components.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is an important software and tool which is key in the planning and scheduling of project activities.


Primavera is a project management software and database for planning projects as well as saving project components.

Teamwork PM and Basecamp

TeamworkPM and Basecamp are some of the online project management softwares important for project teams working remotely.

Statistical packages

Statistical packages are key in analysing project statistics such as baseline data or usage statistics.

Web Development

Having a background in web design and development, we develop dynamic easy to use websites with modern features. Some of the features of our websites are:

Sleek Responsive Design

Websites developed by Sky Data Labs posses thoughtful and creative UX and UI architecture that fits varied screen sizes

Social Media Integration

At Sky Data Labs, we integrate social media links, plugins and widgets to websites to attract more site visitors and keep them updated.

Location Widgets

Locational details are key for site visitors especially for company sites. Our team uses google maps widgets to provide end users witth accurate location details.

Dynamic Image Galleries

We create dynamic and amazing photo galleries for our projects that enable our clients to upload photos and add desriptions to them.

Video Links

Videos are a fast and easy way of communicating to the audience. Our platforms provide mechanisms of linking videos for better communication.

Blog Integration

We provide our clients sites that enables our clients to communicate to and address site visitors on various themes and topics.

Our Services

Project Management Services

We at Sky Data Labs offer a wide array of Project Management services. We provide project services to various client base to enable them successfully plan and implement their projects. These services include:

Project Documentation

We develop various documentations and documentation templates for our clients. At Sky Data Labs, we develop project reports such as Terms of Reference, Expression of Interest, Strategic Plans, Implementation Plans, Baseline Survey reports, Status and Progress reports among others.

Project Scheduling

Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams (CPM and PERT) are the most common tools used in Project Management. At Sky Data Labs, we develop project schedules using these tools to optimize project resources and time to ensure projects are completed in time.

Project Budgeting

Finances are limited in most projects and therefore need to be used optimumly. Finances need to be planned and availed when required. Budgets in most projects are tied to project activities and events and therefore a key resource to accomplish projects. We help our clients in project budgeting based on project activities and events.

Resource Planning

Resources are key but limited in any given project. To ensure projects are successfully accomplished, resources need to be planned for and used optimumly. We plan resources for our clients under three categories namely: Human resources, Equipments and Materials.

Project Appraisal

Project appraisal is done to enable the selection of an appropriate project to invest in especially in cases of Capital Rationing. The most common project appraisal methods that we use are: Net Present Value, Benefit Cost Ratio, Profitability Ratio, Payback Period, Internal Rate of Return among others.

Project Communication

Communication entails most of projects works. Communication actually entails upto 80% of a project manager's work. Clear, timely and precise communication is important to ensure projects are undertaken effectively and efficiently. We help clients develop communication plans and provide project communication advice.

Contract Management

Contract Management is the management of agreements. Agreements are key in projects to ensure objectives are met. These contracts vary in terms of risks and control which are inversely related. At Sky Data Labs, we help our clients plan, administer and close contracts.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation are important elements of projects. Monitoring and Evaluation are used to measure progress towards acheivement of objectives based on indicators and parameters. At Sky Data Labs, we facilitate the Monitoring and Evaluation design and process at different phases of the project.

Website Development Services

We at Sky Data Labs offer a wide array of web development solutions. We not only design crisp website but also add dynamic functionalities to websites transforming them to portals thus making them interactive and easy to maintain by our clients. All our web portals are custom made to each client's requirements.

Personal Web Portals

Personal website are great for public figures and celebrities. At sky data labs, we develop personnal web portals that will enable an individual communicate and keep in touch with his/her followers. These type of web portals are made to suit the client's needs and personality.

C.D.F. Web Portals

CDF web portals are important for constituencies and politicians. At sky data labs, we develop cdf web portals that will enable a constituency's residence be kept up to date and informed about various developments in their constituency. These type of web portals are made to enable easier and up to date communication to constituents.

Company Web Portals

Majority of companies and organizations have web portals which they use for various activities in their day to day business. These websites are a key source of information for stakeholders especially clients. At sky data labs, we develop company portals to serve both internal and external stakeholders.

Projects Web Portals

Projects are usually undertaken within defined time, scope and resources. These websites are a key source of information for stakeholders especially project beneficiaries. At sky data labs, we develop project portals taking into consideration project components.

Community Web Portals

Community portals are important for registered societies. These portals are developed to highlight and create awareness about certain issues in the society. At sky data labs, we develop community web portals to assist societies achieve their goals as well as communicate to and reach a larger number of people.

Custom Web Portals

At sky data labs we welcome any new challange to come up with new ideas and web solutions. We transform our clients ideas into working portals. We therefore are able to come up with tailor made custom web portals to suit our clients needs.

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