Geodfrey Kimutai Kirui
Freelance Project Manager and Web Developer

About Kirui

Hello, My Name is Geodfrey Kimutai Kirui and would like to welcome you to my Sky Data Labs Page. I am a Project Practitioner and a Website Developer. I am the founder of Sky Data Labs which is a platform that I use to educate people about project management and website development.

Project Management

I am a Project Planning and Management Graduate from Moi University with some few years experience. Having learnt and practised project management first hand, I have been able to gain knowledge and skills which have been very instrumental in my life and career. I am hoping to pass on some of the knowledge I have gained to third parties through tutorials.

Being an IT guy, I try to incorporate IT in Project Management to simplify work and produce required output from data provided.

Some of the most common programs used for Project Planning and Management that I recommmend for Project Practitioners include: Microsoft Project, Primavera, SPSS, Stata, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word. These programs are important and I personally use them for a number of purposes including: scheduling, forecasting, analysis, reporting, documenting, monitoring and evaluating project work.

Online Applications avalable both as mobile apps and web applications have also been developed to assist project personnel with an array of functionalities. Some of the Applications that I use include: TeamworkPM, Basecamp and Wrike.

My Project Softwares Skillset


I like programming since I was first introduced to it some few years back in secondary school. I have knowledge of and understanding of various programming languages including: PHP, HTML, AJAX, JSON, Ruby on Rails, Python, JQuery, Javascript, Actionscript, Visual Basic, Java, C++ among others.

I have been able to work with different database types while programming such as: SQL, MySQL, SQLite, Postgres, Oracle and MS Access. While programming I have been able to understand basics of programming and come up with programs and applications. The most reknown application being the Moi University Hostel Management System ( for which I was a team member (League of Programmers) under the guidance of Eng. Michael Masibo. At Moi University's League of Programmer's Club, I was able to tutor a number of people on web development and graphic design.

I hope to use what I have gained to develop tutorials on programming.

My Programming Skillset

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At Sky Data Labs, we do reseach on various topics on Project management and website development. To provide a better understanding and Interaction with our users, I shall be uploading blogs/starting forums to discuss about these topics.

*Kirui has not uploaded any blog yet.

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